Into the New… er, Blu

I’ve been waiting for the Blu-ray v. High-Definition DVD war to settle down so I can finally use some holiday gift cards. Why am I waiting? Mainly because I wanted to avoid having any more DVDs that would sooner (rather than later) become obsolete… I’m also just not the type to run out to get the latest and greatest and would have been especially ticked if Blu-ray had ended up losing the battle!
But things are slowing down on who will prevail as Toshiba becomes the latest supporter of Blu-ray (joining Wal-Mart, Netflix, Warner Brothers, and a number of others) to abandon HD technology.
While technology is always changing, it’s still a little, well, frustrating, to me as a consumer. Not only does it mean that my husband will be “forced” to buy yet another DVD player, but it also means new DVDs, a number of gadgets, probably a PS3, and so on as HD begins its path towards extinction.
And if you’re a Blu-ray supporter, don’t think you’re better off than those who may have been more hesitant as even current Blu-ray users will need to upgrade their players or have an obsolete product next year… You’d think I might be accustomed to constant changes in technology working in the web industry but I’m still wondering if our gift cards can wait for the dust to settle just a bit more! I guess I should keep in mind what I’m always explaining to clients when they ask why their new web site is not compatible with older browsers and vice versa! C’est technologie…