Apple Commercial: The Relatable Approach

Perhaps you’re a skeptic of the latest Apple commercial, and with as much attention as Apple has received, you’re not alone if you’re second-guessing their motives.

The hit commercial has been viewed more than any other video posted on Apple’s YouTube account. In fact, it has more than doubled their second highest video, one that introduced the new iPhone 5.

If you haven’t experienced the Apple commercial yet, take a gander. For many families, the setting is familiar: a teenage boy appears to be attached to his iPhone 5s during key moments of a family holiday gathering. The video concludes with quite a heart-warming twist as the teenager reveals that he was secretly recording their family get-together, a scene that subtly highlights various Apple products. For many, the sentiment is shared that moments like these should be lived rather than recorded; advising that users should not be glued to their devices in lieu of spending time with loved ones. So what were Apple’s intentions?

By provoking the all-familiar emotions of their audience, the video has become a highlight of conversations as evidenced by the hundreds of Facebook shares it has received, ultimately giving Apple the exposure they were seeking.

Simply put: Apple cemented itself as a holiday household name.

Besides the relatable storyline, Apple proved to be the company that is all-inclusive for their customers. To capture and display a touching family Christmas, the boy was able to incorporate four of their products within this commercial:

Apple TV
iPhone5 s

The video was recorded on the iPhone 5s, iMovie was utilized as an editing application, AirPlay was used to stream the video to the Apple TV device, and the video was viewed with the comfort of a family-room setting. Given that all of these products are available at the average consumer’s fingertips, viewers are not only familiar with the storyline, but they see themselves as capable of capturing similar magical moments.

To give a recap of how well the Apple commercial performed from a user standpoint, Ace Metrix provides analytics based on polls taken by users. As seen on the graph below, Apple’s Christmas commercial scored high in the “like-ability” category.

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Apple succeeds because they relate the content to their consumers. By allowing users to see themselves in the shoes of the commercial characters and by subtly flashing the Apple products that capture such a moment, consumers walk away with a greater appreciation of what Apple products offer to consumers – re-livable family moments.