4 Summer Marketing Tips to Avoid the Dreaded “Slump”

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Summer isn’t only associated with fun in the sun, cold frosty drinks and treats, and vacations. Unfortunately, it’s also associated with what marketers like to affectionately call the “summer slump.” Just because things tend to slow down during this hot time (no pun intended) it doesn’t mean your marketing needs to.  Drink some iced coffee, read our list of summer marketing tips below and FIGHT THAT SLUMP!

1. Ready…Set….Go!

Your marketing doesn’t need to go on hold just because people might be less active during the summer months. Keep active with your marketing channels like your blog and social media accounts. This all aids in your SEO and just because they might not be paying attention to you now, this content your pushing out will help in your future.

2. Keep it local

Although the economy has recovered quite a bit, consumers are still cautious of spending and they’re spending less. Knowing that your customers are tending to stay local and enjoying  what’s around them gives you the opportunity to keep your awareness level high. Try out sponsoring local events like concerts, sporting events, festivals, etc.

3. Experiment and adjust

While the traffic is low, why not experiment with your marketing and see what you can do differently and what could potentially work for you? Ideas can start from testing your presence via other media channels, promotions, PR and more. Summer is also a great time to review your marketing plan and make any changes as you see fit, review your current website and see if any changes are needed, and create new white papers, blogs, and other juicy content.

4. Reach out and touch

Use this time to get in touch with your customers both old and new to gain feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. Find out what their thoughts are on your products and services.

Also send out some notes or make some calls to check in with clients and let them know they are top of mind for you. I personally love sending and receiving hand written notes and it can go a long way with a customer. Not many businesses use this old school practice and it can make an impact.

This season can be fun for everyone, so take these summer marketing tips and enjoy yourself this season both in the office and outside of it!

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  1. Kyler Brown

    I actually really liked this article, especially since I’m a student of marketing right now. I liked your last point about taking time to get in touch with your customers both old and new to gain feedback. This seems like an effective way to shake things up a bit, and to gain an outside perspective of ways you can improve. Thanks for sharing this post with me. t

  2. Pancho Cham

    I really think number 2 is a really good tip, because unless you’re a really big company, you should probably stick to keeping things local. Most of the time the local business will be pretty good, just try to not to spend a lot money on unnecessary expenses. Keep it small for a bit until you can go bigger without fear of losing money or business. Thanks for these tips and advice!

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