Social Media During Social Distancing

In the recent marketing climate, you’ve probably heard a lot about maintaining social connections while practicing social distancing. But what’s the best way to approach this when you’re a brand? How can you stay connected to your followers while remaining sensitive to the crisis at hand? Surely, they don’t expect to hear radio-silence on your social media accounts … do they? No, we’re definitely not of the mindset that your presence should go darkHowever, you should be very intentional about your content. Consider the following when planning your social content during social distancing. 

What Should You Post?  

First things first, take a step back and ask yourself how you can provide value to your followers. Is there a way for you to bridge the gap between them and a service they’re missing? Some nail artists, for example, are posting simple manicure tutorials and tips for at-home nail care. Or, perhaps you could be a source of education or entertainment––like the Central Florida Zoo, which is closed to visitors but is offering virtual animal experiences via Facebook Live. 

If the answer doesn’t jump out at you immediately, don’t be afraid to ask. While some people may want to consume content that takes their mind off things, others would rather maintain a sense of normalcy. Brands like Abercrombie & Fitch have taken to social media to directly ask their followers what types of content they want to see. 

How Should You Say It?  

Be present and communicative; your followers will want to know if and how your business is operating. You don’t have to feel the pressure of being a news source, but being relevant and timely is key. Remember that many of your followers may be stressed, uncertain, or scared, so pay extra caution to your messaging and tone. Always be genuine, authentic, and vulnerable. And most of all, stay true to your brand voice. If that includes humor and comic relief, don’t feel the need to abandon that. Just make sure to be intentional about your language. 

How Often Should You Post?  

Everyone’s favorite answer: it depends. If your audience is used to hearing from you every day, keeping up that cadence wouldn’t be abnormal. If they aren’t, don’t take this as an opportunity to post just for the sake of posting. Although there’s no hard-and-fast rule on how often you should be posting, it’s important to maintain some sort of rhythm so followers know when and how often to hear from you. 

 In times of crisis, connection becomes more important than ever––and social media is a perfect avenue to build that. Carefully measured social messaging could even help your followers feel closer and become more loyal to your brand. While the road ahead may be difficult, brands willing to adapt will find plenty of opportunities for growthSo take the time to really listen to and engage with your audience. Your brand may come out stronger than ever before.