Instagramability in an Instant

When you’re marketing a space to millennials and Gen Z, Instagramability has to be top of mind. What’s the aesthetic? Are there any murals? What type of outfit would work best for this venue? These are the questions younger consumers ask themselves not just when choosing their next stop for Sunday Funday, but for vacations and getaways alike. 

So what is Instagramability and how can you use it to make your brand stand out and pull tech and social media generations in? Instagramability is measured by how aesthetically pleasing and trendy a particular environment is. The better suited an area is for snapping pictures and boomerangs, the greater the Instagramability. 

The Museum of Ice Cream is undoubtedly an Instagramability leader. Basically a picturesque playground for Instagram lovers, the interactive museum was valued at $200 million in 2019. There’s a lot to learn from MOIC’s innovative approach to Instagramability. For starters, they remind us to go for gold on the gram and look beyond traditional photo pieces like backdrops, props, or photo booths to make a statement with a venue’s vibe. Instead, try well put together scene that works on its own for aesthetic photos of the scene itself as well as for selfies and group pictures. These scenes can be set across an entire space, a cool staircase, or even a single wall. Insta-worthy spaces come in many forms and can be achieved in a number of ways. 

While any industry can practice Instagramability, there are two in particular that benefit greatly from being picture perfecttravel and food service. 

Foodies Love Photos 

Thphone eats first mentality is a real thing. If you’re out to eat with a younger crowd, they’re likely snapping pictures of their plates before their first bite. Offering Instagram-worthy options at your restaurant is key to earning the appetites of millennials and Gen Z. Instagramable moments in the food industry can be incorporated into the restaurant’s setting or even the meal itself. Presentation is everything for that scenic shot, so be sure to deliver something consumers will feel is content worth posting. You may be pleasantly surprised by what food-tography can do. 

Insta-Inspired Travel 

Instagram has proved to be one of the most inspirational social media platforms of our time constantly influencing the latest fads and trends. As a highly visual form of social, photos prompt us to recreate and live like those we follow. Millennials and Gen-Z turn to Instagram for more than just uploads from friends and celebritiesthey scroll for news, ideas, and even travel-inspo.  

A recent study showed 40% of vacationers under 33 keep Instagramability in mind when choosing a destination. As a generation that trusts their peers more than brands and seeks travel information via social, it’s no wonder younger consumers depend on the explore page for their next getaway. Elevate your travel destination’s unique points with some Instagramable touches to attract more users. Highlight landmarks and breathtaking views in your area to showcase the opportunity for travelers to double-up on photos for their feedFuel the find for your company’s images by creating hashtags, geofiltersand more. 


As one of the most used social media platforms by 18 to 29year-olds, Instagram has a massive influence on the choices of your consumers. With a few trendy changes to your scenery and some Instragram-ready spaces, you’ll have plenty of 20-somethings in line waiting for their kodak moment.