LinkedIn Image Dimensions Update

Imagery has proven, time and time again, to be a vital element of catching your audience’s eye; this does not change when it comes to your company’s social media profiles.

Many social media channels contain page-spanning images that add a huge opportunity to quickly draw attention and add some branding flair to your page. Unfortunately, if your dimensions are off by just a hair, you can wind up with a pixelated, poorly framed mess that does more harm than good.

Consider this fair warning: LinkedIn is about to drastically update how header images appear on your company profile.

Instead of a banner-like cover photo (which businesses typically use to showcase their tagline or company name) this image will be a 1536 x 768px background-style image, which may be a big problem for those whose current image is designed to fit the old standards and dimensions. Moving forward, background images should avoid using text or logo treatments, as these additions are sure to clutter up the page, or worse, will be cropped out on various devices. Instead, we suggest choosing an image that is both clean and keeps to your brand standards.

Here’s a look at the current company page layout:

Old LinkedIn Layout

And here’s a glimpse at the new one. You can see that the focus is more on the aesthetic of a background image, rather than that of a traditional “cover photo:”

New LinkedIn Layout

Looks aren’t everything, but they definitely matter when trying to woo new customers with an attractive social media page.