5 Reasons Your Business Should Scope Out Periscope

Submerged in a barren sea off the coast of a frigid, fortified enemy stronghold, the ping ping ping of an oncoming destroyer alerts your naval crew of the imminent doom you and your shipmates will face if you can’t get a visual. In that steamy, cacophonous tube of steel and explosives, your one chance at survival is within arm’s reach. You whip out your iPhone 6 Plus and open the Periscope app: the Internet HAS to see this!

Periscope for Business

OK, so Periscope is of zero use to WWII-era submarine battles, but it can be of great, powerful use to your business. For the uninformed, Periscope is a relatively new app that allows users to stream live video at anytime, right from their cell phones. With an Internet connection, a user at Mardi Gras in New Orleans can stream shenanigans to an Irish sheepherder in Kerry. Other livestream services have been around for ages (see Twitch), but this app is one of the first to get mobile streaming right.

Linked with a Twitter account, you can alert Followers and strangers alike to experience something with you, live. Viewers can “Heart” your stream as some positive feedback, or even comment directly via text-based messages that appear over your stream.

Cool, but what the heck can it do for my business?

Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked:

Another benefit to note: all of your streams can be saved within your phone for use on YouTube or another video service.

Periscope doesn’t come without some dangers, however. Due to its live nature, you must always be careful to only choose team members that can exemplify the professional values that your business holds. Rule of thumb: Potty-mouthed Paula may not be a great choice to host your Q&A segment. Also, with comments enabled, you may bump into the ugly, belligerent underbelly of the Internet. Never acknowledge abusive comments and, if necessary, stop the stream and restart with comments disabled.

Like any new-ish social media channel, only time will tell if Periscope rises above the waters of app oblivion or sinks into eventual obscurity. For now, however, it can be a powerful, innovative tool for nearly any business looking to expand its reach, tell its story or share its insights.