What type of online search is right for your business?

SEO strategy tipsDid you know that all search queries aren’t created equal? There’s more than one factor that comes into play where search is concerned. 

Google gets about 3.5 billion searches a day, and the types of these online searches can be narrowed down into three main categories: 

So what does this mean for your budding business and what you want to accomplish in search results? It means that users will use the search bar in different ways, you need to know the different factors that will influence the search engine results pages (SERPS), and whether or not your website will rank for it. 

Dominate the search type that best matches your business

Navigational Search 

When a user is performing a navigational search, they’re using the specific name of the website (not the URL). 

Why is this a big deal? Because navigational search is most often used by repeat visitors, though new visitors might find your site this way. Also, visitors who use navigational search are more likely to convert.

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Informational Search

When a user is looking for specific types of information, such as a recipe, or how to do something, then these types of searches involve a keyword or phrase like “how to make a chocolate cake” or “best restaurant in Orlando.” 

Why does informational search matter when it comes to SEO? Because it’s where the power of content is in the spotlight, and where you can attract new users to your brand that may not be familiar with it (yet!). 


Transactional Search

If someone is looking for something to purchase or take home, then this is viewed as a transactional search. The user is already a participant in and part of the buying process, and are ready and willing to spend money. Landing pages and product pages are both targeted to these kinds of searches. 

However, having an ecommerce site or landing pages doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will show up in SERPs. Using content that includes the keywords users are searching for can help a site rank higher over ones that don’t have transactional keywords in the content. 

What type of search applies for your business? 

Obviously not every user is looking for the same information, so it’s important to create an SEO strategy accordingly. When it comes to getting your business’ website to rank, what kind of search do you want it to appear for? 

Knowing who is looking for your site, and what kind of search they’re performing (navigational, informational, or transactional) can help you tailor not just the website’s content but also the overall SEO strategy to help dominate SERPS and get the most high-quality traffic to your website possible! 

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  1. Sam

    We Mostly use search engines to promote our business, of course we do search for our personal queries but i think google solved both of these problems easily.

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