To Holiday Card or Not Holiday Card, That is the Question.

Every year, the debate over the true impact of sending a company holiday card fills the air like the smell of warm cookies – or overcooked fruitcake, depending on which side you’re on.

Is it really worth the time and expense?
Does anyone really read them?
Should we send a printed card or a digital card?

One way to satisfy this appetite for decision-making is to consider the growing trend of charity Christmas cards.

We have all seen them; those warm-fuzzy holiday cards that create engagement by encouraging us to support deserving charities and those in need around the world. I received this card from one of our vendors, RackSpace, who asked customers to vote on the distribution of their $10,000 donation. It was easy and it felt good to help.

Charity Holiday Cards | Digital Holiday Cards

This “trend” actually started long before the digital card industry existed, with UNICEF launching a charity card program in 1949. Today, Americans spend more than $7 billion on greeting cards each year, and with the 24/7 Internet, it’s easier than ever to say “Happy Everything.” directs you to almost 300 organizations that sell cards to fund charity causes. Good Cause Greetings offers cards that support Our Military Kids, providing support to the children of National Guard and Reserve personnel. Even Pinterest has a page dedicated to Charity Cards.

With this in mind, perhaps we all reconsider the eternal question of the holiday greeting card and instead remember that the smell of giving is sweet.

Happy Holidays!