PPC: Making People Feel Good

Pay per click ads have never been something that has caught my interest on search results. I understand the reasons, purpose, and actions of the marketing campaign but the forced “Hey, look at me and not those results that appear naturally” just isn’t a form of advertising that works for me… meaning I prefer to ignore the ads completely. It’s almost like they are the old school car salesman to me – except in reverse as I prefer the old search engine results pages.
What is surprising is that, even with all the negatives that have, can and are happening (price points, fierce competition, fraud issues – and end up leaving PPC participants pondering what just happened), studies are showing that people are feeling better about this particular marketing technique’s overall effectiveness.
Perhaps the increasing popularity of media in general will produce marketing techniques that will not only be popular but also effective, unlike the incredibly intrusive idea of the pop-up banner ad (and PPC in my eyes).

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Matt Certo is founder and CEO of Findsome & Winmore, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando, FL. He is also the author of FOUND: Connecting with Customers in the Digital Age and Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core.

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