Agency Principals Complete Webinar for Marketers Facing Coronavirus Crisis

As the world reels from the effects of COVID-19, our firm recognizes that marketers are faced with unprecedented challenges. The economic landscape has changed dramatically and while the road ahead will be difficult, opportunities for change and growth also abound for organizations seeking to adapt. 

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, Findsome & Winmore CEO Matt Certo and CMO Kelly Lafferman hosted a webinar aimed at helping marketers navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 crisis. 

During the free, hour-long presentationMatt and Kelly provided listeners with informed perspectives and insights for marketers looking to understand the changing landscape. They shared lessons learned from brands who have successfully navigated crises of the past and framed those learnings to marketers faced with seismic industry, societal and consumer shifts of their own. 

If you were unable to attend, the following resources are available to you: 

Main topics covered in the webinar include: 

Marketing’s Role in Times of Great Uncertainty   

Understanding The Marketplace 

Historical context of behavior influenced by previous disasters: 

Visible changes in behavior due to COVID-19: 

Rules of Thumb for Messaging and Tone

Lessons Learned: Leading Brands Through Past Crises  

Identifying Opportunities for Growth  

Based on the visible changes in behavior resulting from COVID-19: 

  1. Personalize for your industry and customers (how will the behavior shifts change your customer base?) 
  2. Anchored by your mission, embrace an intentional shift (what do you have that you might redeploy, repackage, reconfigure, redistribute or repurpose in a way that extends your mission and helps your customers?)

Reframing Product Strategy in The Age of Isolation 

Examples of intentional shifts: 

Cultivate Creativity Amid a Crisis