The Ultimate Collection of Diverse Stock Image Sites

Let’s Talk Diversity & Inclusion  

Not every consumer is a cheerful woman with a coffee cup. 

Not every consumer is a bearded middle-aged man in a buttonup. 

Not every consumer is an Instagram-ready millennial. 

Some consumers wear hearing aids, have tattoos, skin conditions, or dreads. Others are amputees, curvy, single dads, blind, or trans. Expanding your stock image spectrum beyond the generic model is key to more accurate representation. We invite you to explore some of our favorite stock image sites that welcome diversity and inclusion in all aspects. 


The Gender Spectrum Collection 

A recent study showed around 70% of the LGBTQ+ community enjoys LGBTQ+ ads, and approval ratings didn’t stop there. More than half of all millennial women are more likely to remember and engage with brands that are openly LGBTQ+ friendly. Consider images by The Gender Spectrum Collection for not only pride driven material, but to represent any topic. This collection was created to help the media better understand and represent non-binary and trans identities. With models thriving in multiple settings and photos separated into many categories of life such as school, mood, work, and relationships, The Gender Spectrum provides both variety and a straightforward UX. 


The Disability Collection 

Getty Images features a wide range of diverse photo options. The Disability Collection by Getty offers a stock photo album of individuals with different abilities. At times, stock sites display people with different abilities in a debilitating way, focusing on their ability as a hinderance rather than a difference. While disabilities do present challenges, they don’t define those who face them. Featuring several body types, young mothers in wheelchairs, and even a Paralympic athlete, Getty presents a plethora of empowering options. 



With a focus on featuring various cultures and their stories, TONL is a go to for ethnically diverse photography. They’re equally successful in providing different body types and quality complimentary options. If your brand is looking to show more D&I overall in its imaging, TONL is an excellent choice. 


Body Liberation Photos 

Showcasing all body types, Body Liberation Photos is home to images representing a vast population that is constantly overshadowed. Media exposure has proven to have a negative impact on women’s body image and self-acceptance. Breaking the norm, Body Liberation welcomes plus sizes, tattooed women, and women who identify as more masculine.  



Priding in their mission to provide free beautiful imagery, Unsplash is truly a treasure, mastering all facets of diversity. Explore their massive gallery complete with photo collections ranging from Happiness and Male Friendship to and Powerful Women and All Nations. With contributing photographers from across the world, there’s no wonder their ever-growing gallery captures over one million realistic, unique moments. Their huge selection of high-resolution not-so-stock photos are picture perfect for any business committed to representation. 

With marketing and advertising professions comes a level of responsibility to the public. We owe them our attention, acceptance, and authenticity. While our industry has made significant progress in accurately portraying the world we live in, and many agencies have even established D&I departments, there’s still room to grow. To represent everyone to the best of our ability, we must continue to learn and explore communities outside of our own and consider all aspects of life.