Get Your Priorities Straight with Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing

“That sounds sexy.”

“I want to be part of whatever that is.”

“What the heck is that?”

“No, that’s too out of the box.”

No, these questions aren’t directed at yours truly. They are often associated with agile marketing and this term has the marketing world abuzz.

To break it down, agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach. It encompasses a marketing team collectively identifying high value projects that deserve focus and the team’s collective efforts. Agile marketing allows a team to manage complex projects with many unknowns and moving parts and takes inspiration from agile development. It’s something that we find value in over here at Findsome & Winmore and are continuing to focus on more and more.

Agile marketing allows us to:

When starting the agile marketing process…

Think of the process in phases. The first phase should be detailed with the following phases more high-level. Going this route allows you to experiment during the first phase, make changes to what you are doing or completely throw out what you’ve been doing and start over! Instead of testing out theories and ideas in the long term, you are testing them out in the short term, allowing you to eliminate what doesn’t work and expand on what does to give you a better return in the long run.  

Fear not my anxiety-ridden marketing mangers, we’re not saying abandon what you’ve been doing this whole time, the hours of research, the content you know works, etc., we’re just asking that you open your eyes to maybe another alternative in the world of digital marketing. Agile marketing allows you to experiment and do right for your clients. Start small, review what you are doing and evaluate what is right and wrong for you. There are factors that can always come into play (new competitors, new technologies, new trends, etc.) that will affect what you’ve been working on, and that’s the beauty of agile marketing! You can move and work with it and not against it!

Smart Small

Note that Xerox has been proactive with agile marketing since 2009. Judith Frey, the VP of Interactive Marketing at Xerox said: “Because of the volume of projects that come up in the Web environment, you’re changing things on an ongoing basis. A way to manage those and prioritize them so you’re always working on the highest value projects is very much congruent with how agile operates.” For Xerox, the biggest improvement in business results for them has been in their ability to prioritize and get the right things done the right way.

Learning the ins and outs of agile marketing can take time and it might feel like a slow crawl in the beginning, but the benefits at the end can definitely be worth your while. Think efficiency! Think happy customers! Think a better functioning team and process! Think agile marketing!


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Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing