Email Marketing: Building Your List On The Go

Most of the marketing buzz these days is around social media marketing, but we still think that email marketing is a very important part of the digital marketing mix.  Email is still a major communication vehicle for most and many expect it to be critical for years to come.  Some even still characterize email as *the* killer app.

A good email marketing strategy has a host of components, but list quality is a primary ingredient.  In thinking about ways to build your list of recipients, there are many ways to do so but many of them are slow to develop and depend upon a user signing up on a website.

Recently, though, the nice people at Emma, an e-mail marketing list management company, created a product called Emma Guestbook which can help you build subscribers quickly.  Emma Guestbook is actually an iPad app that allows you to collect e-mail addresses on the go while automatically adding them to your existing list.  The process is digital and automated, unlike the process of collecting business cards or having people add their email addresses to a list on a clipboard (both of which require data entry later on).

email marketing app

The Emma Guestbook iPad app is simple and efficient.










So, if your business has a retail presence where customers visit often, consider putting an iPad with this app running on the store counter where users could sign up on the spot.  Or, if you are hosting an event or trade show booth, think about having this app available on a check-in desk as guests arrive.  And since the addresses are instantly added to a designated list, you could even send a message to attendees immediately upon event conclusion.  For more information about the product and to see a video, visit the Emma Guestbook page.  The app is fast and free to download.