Does Your Small Business Need a Chatbot?


Chatbots for Small Business 

Siri and Alexa’s notsodistant cousin – the chatbot – could be the team member you needOften seen at the bottom of a webpage as a pop-up window or on a company’s contact page, chatbots conduct online convos with customersUnlike us humansbots are ready to go day and night, rest-free to provide solutions to customer problems. Small businesses are increasingly implementing the reliable form of artificial intelligence (AI) and often, consumers are pleased with the addition. 

Even if you don’t currently use chatbots within your SMB (small and medium-size business), you’ve almost certainly interacted with oneTo recap, chatbot is an AI program that has the power to communicate with another party. By offering a solution for small businesses that may not have access to extensive resources and staff, they also offer solutions for customers. In fact, a survey by Drift revealed that people primarily use chatbots for quick access to answersAnd with unanswered questions and communication related issues at the top of the list when it comes to customer frustrations, 24-hour access to answers has quite the appeal. 


Why They Matter to Your SMB 

Though they aren’t a new concept by any means, chatbot’s capabilities have expanded in recent years. 58% of shoppers say new technologies like chatbots have changed their expectations of companies, so it’s a given that companies of all sizes have taken advantage of the tool. Still, small businesses especially benefit from chatbots positive impacts on customer service and beyond: 

Chat services that allow users to communicate with a live person are also positive additions to your customer service front. Seven in 10 consumers say they prefer live chat over email, social media messages and phone calls when getting in touch with a company. Consider incorporating live chat into your customer’s journey if you feel you’ve outgrown email and social inquiries and your team has the bandwidth to manage incoming messages. However, if chatbots 24-hour touch is still speaking to you, we suggest getting to know the AI communication tool on one of the most used social networks of our time. 

Get Familiar with Chatbots on Facebook 

One of the best sites to familiarize yourself with chatbots may be the last place you would’ve looked – Facebook. Facebook provides free chatbot and live chat services on its Messenger Platform that business owners report has contributed to boosts in sales and engagement as well as improvements in customer service. The service allows businesses to develop guided conversations, leading curious customers through an automated flow. 

When communicating with the Facebook-powered bot, the user is greeted with the company name, description, profile picture and cover photo. There is also an option to include greeting text. The user simply taps the get started button to begin the conversation. 

If you’ve never interacted with Facebook’s bot on the Messenger Platform, imagine an interactive FAQ. In addition to a set of structed text messaging options and text-based message templates, customers can receive or send audio, video and images. Facebook has also implemented quick replies through buttons. With countless customizable attributes to make the feature your ownyour Facebook bot will talk the talk down to every detail. 

Expanding the Conversation 

You may already utilize Facebook’s Messenger Platform and want to implement the much-needed feature on your company site. When you’re ready, explore other options you can implement online. Take the time to learn lessons with Facebook to transfer what you’ve learned to your audience’s online experience. With chatbots on your team, you have a dedicated team member answering customer questions whenever they arise.