How Mark Cuban’s Single Tweet Made a Big Impact–And What We Can Learn

I’m not the biggest Mark Cuban fan (he can be a tad brash for my taste), but I think there is a ton to be learned from the man.  I’ve been reading his blog for a number of years and have enjoyed his insights on all things technology, strategy, economics and otherwise.  He’s also great on the TV show Shark Tank where he comments and haggles on the merits  (or lack thereof) of many start-ups.

Something happened on Twitter recently, though, that I think bears mentioning.  Cuban tweeted a simple promotional message about his book:  How to Win at the Sport of Business.  He asked people to buy his e-book in a simple, straight-forward fashion.  Another user replied to him and asked if any of the book sales were going to charity (see below).





It’s not an unfair question because many celebrities and politicians do this very thing.  But not Mark Cuban.  His reply to the question was classic Mark Cuban and was re-tweeted (at last count) nearly 1,000 times (see below):





In essence, he replied that the sales of the book would have absolutely no charitable purpose, but be used to have a great time.  This is not the type of politically-correct response we are used to seeing: it’s the polar opposite.  But it’s funny and it’s honest.  It’s Mark Cuban.  And because it was all of these things, it was retweeted 996 times, giving this message a reach of many millions of people.  The result?  A rush on for the book:





I didn’t confirm these listings on, but I’ll take his word for it.  It’s just one more example of the power of social media to create financial impact.  And all of us can learn from it.  Here are a few of the take-aways:

If nothing else, I now plan to read the book.  So Cuban made at least $5 that I know of!


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