How Kittens Can Heighten Internet Security

Many people don’t recognize the word ‘captcha’ (pronounced CAP-chuh), but they recognize one when they see it.  A captcha is the series of jumbled characters that users see on jumbled Web forms.  The intent of a captcha is to separate human beings from spam-bots that like to infiltrate forms and submit spam.  The problem with many captchas, however, is that they can be tough for even humans to decipher, especially when users are in a hurry.  The following is an example:

Screen shot 2010-07-29 at 10.52.56 AM

Thankfully, however, captchas are coming along a bit.  We came across the following example in a form recently and thought we would share it.  It definitely makes the idea of deciphering characters a bit less painful!

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