How Do I Get Mentioned in a National Publication?

As a media relations specialist, one of the most common questions I receive from clients is “how do I get mentioned in a national publication?” While securing national placements may seem like a difficult task, anything is possible with the right approach.

From Forbes, to Mashable, to CNN, to the Today Show, all outlets that my clients have been featured in/on (not-so-humble brag), here are some tips for getting mentioned in a national publication:

Securing national placements can take a lot of time and tons of effort, but hiring a media relations professional that is well trained to handle your outreach will save you the headache in the end. Take it from someone who has had a lot of trial and error with national media – you’ll be grateful for the experience a publicist brings to the table.

About Lauren Bowes

Lauren strategically operates as Findsome & Winmore’s senior digital PR and marketing manager, managing ongoing media relations, distributing content, leading strategic communications planning, and executing in-depth public relations plans, as well as vital news and publicity initiatives that garner the attention that clients deserve.

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