Facts about Web Design and Conversion

While doing some research for a new client engagement, we came across some statistics that are really interesting and revealing for marketers.  These stats speak to the value of content and social media activity in terms of a site’s lead generation capability.  Content has always been important to web marketers, but it’s becoming increasingly critical in terms of accelerating traffic growth and conversion. The same can be said for social media: it is vital that fresh, relevant content is shared on social networks. And while blogging and social media continue to be dismissed by some marketers as a waste of time (i.e. “people should be working, not checking Facebook”), the following data from HubSpot should give them pause:

Web Design and Indexed Pages

The more pages your site has indexed by search engines like Google, the greater the likelihood that your site will receive more leads.

So, as you’re contemplating your marketing strategy or planning a new web design project, be sure to plan a sound content strategy that leverages social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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Matt Certo is founder and CEO of Findsome & Winmore, a digital marketing agency based in Orlando, FL. He is also the author of FOUND: Connecting with Customers in the Digital Age and Formulaic: How Thriving Companies Market from the Core.

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