Unity and Compassion: The Creation of Baldwin Park’s Pulse Nightclub Mural

Pulse Nightclub

We had to do something. Orlando is our city, and though all of us at Findsome & Winmore did our part as individuals by donating what we could, attending fundraisers and paying our respects at the beautiful Pulse nightclub vigils held across the city, we felt that we needed to help make a statement as not only a company, but as a community. With that spirit in mind, we turned to Senior Creative Director Andy MacMillan, to craft a concept that could stand as a representation of the unity and strength that Orlando has shown during this incredible time of loss. He did not disappoint.

The end result is a mural that mimics the reading from a heart monitor (something like a rainbow-colored heartbeat) with 49 individual but interlinked pulse spikes, representing the 49 who lost their lives. White space is a major aspect to this design. Encouraging Baldwin Park and other Orlando locals to write their personal messages of support, condolence and respect was always the ultimate goal. It was the individuals, after all, who have come together to show what “Orlando Strong” really means.

On that same sentiment, without approval from the Baldwin Park Association, space to display the mural from Battaglia Group Management, LLC, and printing expertise from 11th Hour, our design would have been stranded on Andy’s laptop. It was truly a group effort, and one that we hope continues to inspire our city to come together in support of The City Beautiful as we all begin the healing process.

Pulse Nightclub

We invite everyone affected by this tragedy to visit the Pulse nightclub mural across from Baldwin Park Village Center on New Broad Street and add your voice to this community memorial through the month of July. We also urge you to continue lending your support to the OneOrlando Fund. Thank you for all who have already helped and those who continue to support the city we are proud to call “home.”