A Non-Resident’s Guide to Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is sort of a world between worlds. Nestled near Downtown Orlando, up the road from UCF and a bike ride from the Audubon Park Garden District, Milk District, Mills 50 and more, this big-little neighborhood is basically the cold cuts in a best-of-Orlando sandwich. But what’s actually within this suburban sanctuary? As it turns out, more than a golf course and well-landscaped lawns.

Baldwin Park Streets

Our office calls Baldwin Park “home,” meaning my compatriots and I have gotten quite familiar with our work ‘hood. Admittedly, few of us ever frequented the area until we were forced to, but even as a relatively-hard-to-please, jaded millennial (*insert simultaneous heavy sigh, eye roll and arm cross), I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of what our nine-to-five locale offers up.

Hunger for More

Though some may find Baldwin Park a bit far-removed from the culinary scenes that surround it, there is gold to be found by simply taking a stroll down New Broad Street.

Osprey Tavern

Seito Sushi

Gators Dockside

Work it Out

Though food is always a good start, there’s more than just ample methods of face-stuffing goodness within Baldwin Park proper. After you’ve had your fill of bao buns, bacon cheeseburgers or…spätzel, you’re going to want to get in a bit of cardio to keep down the lbs (and, of course, have a guilt-free extra slice of pepperoni). Luckily, Baldwin has the best gym you’ll find: the great outdoors.

Baldwin Park Lake

Dotted with scenic parks and ponds in equal measure, much of Baldwin Park looks like the Google image search results for “Suburban Paradise.” However, what truly makes Baldwin Park prime for fitness freaks, power walkers and leisurely strollers alike is the Lake Baldwin Trail.

Baldwin Park

Circling the entirety of Lake Baldwin and its surrounding parks, this paved path is 2.5 miles full of scenic views and the perfect length for beginners, while extremely close to the much longer Cady Way Trail that cyclists and long-distance runners enjoy.

Baldwin Park Bikes

If gyms are a bit more your speed, Baldwin Park is home to a few boutique-style gyms, including Spectrum Fitness, Rock Hard Fitness and TRUFiT.

Little Did You Know…

Baldwin Park has a few secrets up its sleeve that even residents may not know. Through a bit of sleuthing, web searches and in-person exploring, here are the goods:

Blue Jacket Park

Most recently, the lone statue modeled after a second-class Navy petty officer boatswain’s mate was erected in Blue Jacket Park (just off of the Lake Baldwin Trail), so take a moment to say hello to “Boats” on your next morning jog.

Blue Jacket Park Memorial

Uptown Wine Bar

Baldwin Park

So that’s about the long and short of it. Baldwin Park may seem a bit sleepy, but there is certainly enough to warrant visiting for a day trip, romantic dinner date or cardio sesh. Plus, we hear there’s a certain digital marketing agency worth its salt in there too *cough*shameless plug*cough*.