No to Nano?

The iPod Nano has been all the rage over the past few weeks. My brother got one of the first off the line (it’s now his fourth iPod). My friend Mike in Connecticutt has yet to own an iPod–he’s still waiting for, as he puts it, the ‘right’ one to come along.
When I first saw the ads on television, I immediately thought that I needed to have one. The ad makes you really excited about the thought of having one. The effect is similar to the conversation last night on The Apprentice in which the teams were challenged with developing an ad campaign for Lamborghini.
But the more I think about it, I’m not too sure why I would want one. I have an iPod mini which works great. Most of the folks here have the iPod Shuffle. The Nano, to me, is a blend of the two: the packaging of the Shuffle with the storage space of the mini.
What does this device do for me that my other iPod doesn’t already? Like much advertising, one often wonders whether a consumer’s need is being met or created. With this product, I think more of the latter than the former.
Sales are rumored to be strong, though, so kudos to the Apple marketeers. By the way, if you haven’t seen the Nano parody over at, you should check it out.