Are Company Videos Worth the Investment?

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Grab your popcorn and “small” soda (that’ll be $25.68, please): your brand could be in the movies, kid. Only, we’re skipping the silver screen for a venue that’s universally available in pockets, purses and laptops from here to Timbuktu. With many free video hosting options literally at your fingertips, creating company videos has never been easier. But why create them at all?

Let’s break down why company videos are an effective means of communicating to your clients and how to craft them the right way. ACTION!

Should Businesses Create Company Videos?

Time is valuable. Is it really a worthy investment to spend it on writing a script, setting up shots, hiring voice talent, editing and publishing company videos for your dry cleaner, pizzeria, investment firm or doggy daycare?  That all depends on your objectives as a company. However, if you’re looking for a storytelling method that is humanizing, engrossing and optimized for search engines, you may want to double down on your company’s commitment to company videos.

Company Video Best Practices

Figuring out that your company could benefit from company videos is great–but how are you supposed to do it effectively? Well, it’s something that depends highly on your individual brand, but after creating a few in our time, we have a few tips that may make your video more masterpiece than made-for-TV movie.

Moving Pictures

Company videos are effective because, when done properly, they are affecting. The internet has blessed us all with the power to share our creations on a global level, often with a far lower buy-in than traditional commercial spots that were once the only outlet for companies trying to reach audiences with this powerful storytelling medium.  

Company video created for AndCo Consulting


Providing fewer limitations, infused with SEO potential, easily consumed and powerfully personal, company videos can be huge for your company if they are well-produced, don’t overstay their welcome and are published and shared appropriately. It may just be time for your company’s close-up.

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