Company Rebranding: 7 Telltale Signs That It’s Time

Rebranding Your Business

Like the first day of school, rebranding your company can be a mixed bag of emotions; equal parts fear of failure and the gut-tingling excitement for a fresh start with renewed hope for success. Though not something easily decided upon, it’s vital to never shy away from the prospect of company rebranding if it seems necessary or appropriate for the needs of your business.

Telltale Signs That it’s Time to Consider Rebranding

With these considerations in mind, it’s a pertinent practice to regularly check the health of your brand. Never leave out the possibility of a rebrand if the circumstances are right. Having gone through this process ourselves, we find that Findsome & Winmore is all the more clear, inclusive and focused for it. As usual, it turns out those first-day-of-school jitters are nothing to fear at all.

About Findsome & Winmore

Findsome & Winmore is a Classic Digital Marketing Agency, located in Orlando, FL. We specialize in helping clients find and win customers through social media marketing, web development, mobile app creation, and branding.

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  1. April Cook

    The business I work for definitely needs a rebranding. The logo is outdated and doesn’t reflect the company after a few years of growth. Our business signs are not grabbing the attention of our desired market. What is a good way to reassert your relevance? Thanks for this helpful information.

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