WebSolvers Changes its Name to Findsome & Winmore

Carrying on the spirit of helping clients acquire customers in innovative and efficient ways, WebSolvers is now Findsome & Winmore. After being among the first to plant digital roots in 1995, WebSolvers has changed its name to Findsome & Winmore to better reflect the firm’s market position as well as honor the innovation and passion for ‘finding’ and ‘winning’ customers exemplified by legendary marketing and communications characters, Charles Findsome and William Winmore.

Findsome and Winmore were heralded as marketing geniuses who got their start in the 1920s era. They dreamed of a day when new methods for connecting would prevail over the telegram, party lines, and the slow-moving “snail mail.” According to the legend, their most recognizable – and successful— joint engagement was helping to bolster the idea that marketing and selling pre-sliced loaves of bread was a win-win for all Americans.

Since inception in 1995, Findsome & Winmore (formerly WebSolvers) has grown exponentially in staff, clients, scope of services and footprint in the digital and traditional marketing arenas. Clients depend on the agency every day to help them show up in a Google search, get the attention of the newspaper, or attract new fans on social media—all in addition to building them a world-class website.

The Findsome & Winmore brand was launched on the evening of Thursday, February 20, 2014 at an event at the new East End Market (also a client of Findsome & Winmore). Event attendees were introduced to the story of Charles Findsome and William Winmore and enjoyed an evening of networking as they learned about the new brand. In conjunction with the brand launch, the agency debuted its new web site: findsomewinmore.com.  Anyone interested in learning more about the services offered by Findsome & Winmore, the agency’s history and areas of expertise, and leadership, should visit the new web site and/or follow the team on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

WebSolvers Changes Its Name to Findsome & Winmore