WebSolvers Launches New Product: Introducing MetricPulse

WebSolvers is pleased to announce the release of a new product:  MetricPulse.  MetricPulse is a Web-based software application for Web site owners and Internet marketers that aggregates and organizes a series of critical Internet metrics into one simple and powerful dashboard.  Like an automobile’s dashboard provides information to a driver, MetricPulse tracks and transmits key information to marketers.

The product was inspired by the notion that extracting relevant information from the comprehensive statistics and analytics packages is overwhelming (see our recent post entitled Albert Einstein & Web Statistics).   MetricPulse was also built under the assumption that while Website owners should be tracking certain relevant statistics, aggregating and organizing that information on an ongoing basis is labor-intensive.  MetricPulse addresses these challenges efficiently and affordably.

MetricPulse Dashboard

MetricPulse pulls a wealth of marketing data into one dashboard.

Using API technology, MetricPulse works with several popular third party services to collect important pieces of information for the marketer.  Examples of the services involved include:

MetricPulse aggregates data from these services to help marketers answer questions like:

MetricPulse also helps marketers compare their results with competitors.  By designating competitors in the system, MetricPulse helps users understand:

MetricPulse also uses Twitter geo-location to help marketers detect the use of relevant keywords (see our recent post entitled Using Twitter Keywords to Find New Customers) and help them cultivate new business opportunities.

MetricPulse is a subscription service that starts at $22/month.  Multiple plans are available for those users that wish to create and manage dashboards in multiple quantities.  All plans come with a 14 day free trial period.

Product information, demonstrations, and dashboard samples are available at www.metricpulse.com.  Many more features are on the way.