Ten of Our Recent Client Engagements

When we started WebSolvers in 1995, the Web was a brand new medium.  We don’t need to tell you how much technology has changed, but we do want to share with you how much we have.  Instead of boring you with theory, here is a list of ten recent engagements that we’ve completed that give you an idea of what we do now (in addition to developing engaging, effective Web sites like we always have):

  1. In-house social media seminar for an executive team – We led a half day session in a corporate office showcasing some relevant case studies and brainstorming on a strategic direction for a global holding company of over 50 subsidiaries.
  2. Digital branding for a newly-launched investment fund – We worked with a team of veteran hedge fund executives to conceive and execute a brand identity for a start-up hedge fund.
  3. Custom application development for a consumer brand – We worked with a consumer products company to architect and implement extranet functionality between both suppliers and distributors.
  4. Customer retention campaign – We worked with a service provider to conceive, implement, and track an email campaign designed to stimulate referrals and reduce customer attrition.
  5. Email newsletter launch – We worked with a client to design and implement an ongoing email newsletter campaign.
  6. Viral marketing campaign for a consumer product launch – We implemented and measured a viral campaign involving an email announcement, targeted contest-giveaway, and in-depth database construction.
  7. Remote social media training for a tourist destination – We conducted a 2 hour Webinar for an organization in order to train team members on implementing a company-specific social media strategy.
  8. Custom Web design for a software portal – We designed and produced a series of graphical “skins” for a client’s newly-selected software portal.
  9. Internet Marketing Plan for a consumer product – We developed an Internet Marketing Plan for a consumer product that was already seeing a healthy level of online sales but wanted to increase lead generation and visitor conversion.
  10. Google AdWords campaign management – We developed and managed a year-long campaign to help a non-profit agency attract and convert new customers from relevant Google searches.

The list could go on, but we’re pretty excited about how things have evolved.  If you’d like help in developing some new strategies or implementing some new tactics, please let us know.  We would love to share with you what we’re learning.