Findsome & Winmore Adds New Clients, Announced Plans to Expand Team in Third Quarter of 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 22, 2015) – Findsome & Winmore, the classic digital marketing agency that helps clients find and win new customers, continues to enjoy steady growth in 2015 with the addition of seven clients in the third quarter of the year. The company also announced plans to add several new positions in both the design/development and marketing fields to its expanding employee roster.

Findsome & Winmore’s new clients span multiple industries, including real estate (Arterra Realty), technical services (11th Hour Business, Blacktip), finance (EcoVest), community planning and development (HCi Planning), temporary housing (Temporary Accommodations) and government relations (Capitol Insight). Each of the agency’s new clients sought out Findsome & Winmore for assistance with various digital and traditional marketing efforts, such as SEO, email marketing and public relations.

“This year has been one of continuous growth and progress for us,” said Matt Certo, chief executive officer of Findsome & Winmore. “We have built valuable relationships with our clients by helping them find and win new customers, while simultaneously expanding our team. We are excited to be entering the last quarter of the year on a high note, and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.”

Findsome & Winmore is currently filling a number of positions to accommodate its strategic growth, including two account coordinators, a graphic designer, a front-end developer and a user interface designer/developer.

The company announced plans to expand its office space in July, in order to house the increased number of Findsome & Winmore employees. Construction on the expansion began in October.