A Paw-some Policy: Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

Weekends are great and all, but Wednesdays and Fridays are my favorite days of the week. Why? They’re our office’s “Bring Your Dog to Work” days. Our company adopted this workplace trend a few years ago––and I’m definitely not mad about it. With the abundance of pup-lovers in our office, there’s a healthy rotation of fluffy friends coming in and out of our doors. And while there are many positives to bringing your dog to work, the effect we’ve seen in our office alone is enough to keep us pawing for more.

I’m here to share a little more about the benefits of bringing canine friends to your 9 to 5––and why your workplace should consider adopting this trend, too.   

6 Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

1. Increased Productivity 

Ironically, you’re actually more productive when you take mental and physical breaks throughout the day. If only it was easier to step away from your desk! Bringing your dog to work requires you to occasionally stop to walk, feed and play with your attention-seeking counterpart. Taking a quick breather after a long meeting or tough call allows you to be more active, and helps ease your mind when you’re stressed. And in the long run, these short breaks will help you be more productive.

Baby Brinkly being extra productive on a Monday morning!

2. Improved Employee Morale

From lifting your mood to reducing stress, the benefits of having a dog at home can translate to the workplace when your furry friend is by your side. And it’s not just the owners who experience these benefits! Studies show having a dog in the office can improve the company’s morale overall. Plus, since millennials are more likely to have fur-babies at home than real babies, they feel happier and more secure when they can bring their pet to work.

Luke (left) is one of our newest paw-workers and Rocky (right) is the sweetest labradoodle-lion you’ll ever meet.

3. Greater Job Satisfaction 

Actions speak louder than words and letting your staff bring their pets to the office says a lot. Not only does it show you care about the wellbeing of your employees, it also shows you prioritize your office culture. Having a flexible management style and adapting to new trends makes employees feel valued, heard and taken care of.

Lady (left) the cockapoo always brings lots of tail wags and kisses to the office. Mr. Louie a.k.a. Mister (right) is seen here sporting his Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume!

4. Higher Employee Retention   

People say “You are are who you hang around.” Could that be the reason why dog-friendly companies are more likely to retain talent? In fact, 82% of employees said they feel more loyalty toward their company as a result of their job’s dog-friendly policy. Additionally, it turns out pet-friendly policies can also help companies attract talent. In a recent study from the Banfield Pet Hospital, two out of three HR decision-makers said potential candidates often inquire about pet policies in the application process.

We got to watch Brinkley (left) grow from a tiny pup to a giant cuddle monster! Penny a.k.a. Angel, Bean, etc. (right) is my precious pup. She’s a mini golden doodle who brings lots of sass into the office

5. More Employee Flexibility

Need to work late? Last-minute deadline? End of day meeting? No problem. Workplaces with a pet policy often see their employees are more flexible and willing to work longer hours, if needed, because they don’t need to rush home to let their dogs out.

Rupert (left) is a small dog with a big personality. And while Snooki (right) has one less leg than most of our furry friends, she has double the heart.

6. Improved Relationships

There is usually a big mix of personalities in the office, but loving animals is universal. Having a dog in the office helps relieve the tension between employees who are shy and encourages conversation among those who might not otherwise talk to each other. Plus, it’s a natural icebreaker when clients stop by.

From increasing productivity to improving relationships, there are so many benefits to bringing your dog to work. We get to seeing a new, furry face a few times a week––and that’s pretty paw-some to us. Still need convincing? Check out Dogs at Work for more.