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  1. WordPress Website Security Tips During COVID-19

    COVID-19 has forever changed the ways of the World Wide Web. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a spike in screen time since the start of the pandemic and the digital space is seeing an increase in activity and personal information. Just as we’re spending more time on the web, hackers have taken advantage of new opportunities for cybercrime. Phishing threats have skyrocketed since March, and companies are experiencing as many as 1,185 attacks per month….

  2. Apple Commercial: The Relatable Approach

    Perhaps you’re a skeptic of the latest Apple commercial, and with as much attention as Apple has received, you’re not alone if you’re second-guessing their motives. The hit commercial has been viewed more than any other video posted on Apple’s YouTube account. In fact, it has more than doubled their second highest video, one that…

  3. Notes on the Evernote Smart Notebook

    Matt and I use Evernote to take, organize and search for previously taken notes. Evernote keeps your notes in the cloud, so they’re available anywhere that you have access to the internet. The Evernote Smart Notebook is a snazzy moleskine designed especially for Evernote, containing special paper to allow for the use of auto-cropping and…

  4. What is Responsive Web Design?

    When users started browsing web sites (originally designed for a standard computer monitor) on mobile phones and tablets, some funny things happened. In short, they didn’t work. Sites built using Flash animation became invisible and sites with larger images were hardly useful at all. And while some web sites could be “pinched” and zoomed, that…

  5. Chargify Product Review

    One of the highest aims for any sales-minded organization is to build a stream of recurring revenue.  Over time, traditional businesses like cable companies, self-storage facilities, and garbage haulers have prevailed by selling subscriptions to services.  Instead of selling singular products (think about a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman) where the transaction is typically “one and…

  6. How Kittens Can Heighten Internet Security

    Many people don’t recognize the word ‘captcha’ (pronounced CAP-chuh), but they recognize one when they see it.  A captcha is the series of jumbled characters that users see on jumbled Web forms.  The intent of a captcha is to separate human beings from spam-bots that like to infiltrate forms and submit spam.  The problem with…

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