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Internet Strategy

  1. Social Media Infographic

    Meet Jane.  She’s a prototypical customer and marketers trying to reach her need to be smarter than ever.  Our social media infographic shows just how you can be at the right place at the right time:  when Jane is ready to make a buying decision.

  2. Web Design Presentation to Orlando / Florida Cleantech Accelerator Network

    WebSolvers had the honor of delivering a Webinar to the entrepreneurs at the Florida Cleantech Accelerator Network (FL-CAN).  FL-CAN is affiliated with the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) and is funded by the Economic Development Administration and the US Department of Energy.  The topic of the presentation was Website Strategies and covered topics like…

  3. Why You Should Redesign with Mobile in Mind

    Mobile First is an approach that has been widely discussed by web designers and developers since the creation and popularization of the smartphone. Instead of designing a desktop website and scaling it down to fit to a mobile device, designing Mobile First starts with the mobile website – a bare minimum, no-frills, fast-loading version of your content…

  4. Facts about Web Design and Conversion

    While doing some research for a new client engagement, we came across some statistics that are really interesting and revealing for marketers.  These stats speak to the value of content and social media activity in terms of a site’s lead generation capability.  Content has always been important to web marketers, but it’s becoming increasingly critical…

  5. Is Your Website…Different?

    Assume for a moment that your website is among the most (if not the most) visible representation of your company.  Are you confident that it is sending the right message to your audience? It very well might be.  It might be clearly communicating your message and presenting your products and services.  It might be attractive…

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