Stop Sending Files Through Email and Start Using Dropbox

Here at WebSolvers, we love creating large graphics and long marketing presentations. Back in the dark ages, we would try to send these types of files through email to each other and to clients. These files would clog up our email applications and cause chaos throughout the office (okay, maybe not that bad).  We tried to use YouSendIt for large files but if our clients didn’t download the file within YouSendIt’s allotted time frame, the file would just disappear into thin air and we’d have to upload it again. Then along came Dropbox!

Dropbox allows you to store files and share them and you get up to 2GB for free. If you haven’t heard of Dropbox by now, we’re not sure where you’ve been, but you should start using it.

Dropbox Web App

Use Dropbox from your browser, desktop or smartphone

With a free Dropbox plan, you can store and share up to 2GB of images, videos and documents. As a company, we have a shared Dropbox account where we store our most-needed files, such as sales presentations and documents. From anywhere with an internet connection, we can download these files and view them on our smartphones or computers using Dropbox’s web app.

Dropbox also has a handy desktop app (Mac, Windows and Linux) that sets up a folder on your computer. Whenever you throw a file into that folder, it starts uploading to Dropbox. While the app is connected, if you put anything into Dropbox from another computer or mobile device, it will be downloaded into your computer’s folder automatically.

Shared Dropbox Folder

A shared Dropbox folder, used for collaboration.

If you’re using an iPhone, Dropbox removes the need to be by your home computer in order to sync files to your phone. For example, save an eBook (epub) to your Dropbox from your work computer, you can open the ebook in iBooks (or any epub reader) from the Dropbox app. You can save PDFs from Safari/Mail into Dropbox to keep them for later.

Aside from being able to share single files at a time from Dropbox, you can also share whole folders with via the web or privately with other Dropbox users. If you share a folder with another Dropbox user, both you and your friend can add and remove files from that folder, keeping a synced set of files on all of your devices. This makes Dropbox great for collaboration on multi-file projects.

So sign up for Dropbox and tell us what you think! We hope it helps your workflow as much as it has helped ours.