Why Do Options Attract Clients?

It’s 2pm and I’ve been waiting eagerly in this L shaped line out the door at Chipotle. I stare ravenously at my soon-to-be burrito bowl as the woman behind the counter finishes layering the corn salsa on my glorious veggie mountain. She starts to reach for the guacamole spoon and before she can even ask, I blurt out “I’d like guac with that!” I take out my wallet to pay, and I feel more than satisfied with the result of that experience. 

 Customize Clients

Ordinary line at Chipotle Mexican Grill

In an every day environment, we see a line and feel defeated by the urgency of time. But what makes Chipotle the exception? Their model has shaped success in many industries by demonstrating the benefits of simple, flexible and affordable. In the same respect, Chipotle also thrives on the quality of their food and service. The end result? Enough flexibility to allow the customer to choose what they want and what suits their needs.

We are seeing a rise in this trend in companies such as McDonalds and Dish Network. McDonalds felt the rigid sting and announced a customizable burger option. Dish Network threw a curve ball to cable companies across the continent with a no-contract service, SlingTV. SlingTV streams live television with devices like Apple TV and Roku and offers ESPN, A&E, TNT etc, for a cheap $20/mo. Throwing out the cable bill and going digital, the customized way, is now the trend. But what makes these models so popular in retaining clients? And how do the concepts resonate with your business and marketing strategy?

Client value

When it comes to a marketing strategy, the same models of simple, flexible, and affordable should be put into practice.

These three points can make all the difference in your business strategy. Take the time to think about what works for you. Provide your clients with your knowledge and recommendations and let them make the final decision. You’ll find that in the end, they’ll be the ones standing in your line of success.