The Big Moo Sound-Off

I recently finished reading a book called The Big Moo, edited by Seth Godin, that looks at the question of how companies and individuals can be remarkable. Seth has enlisted 33 top thinkers (i.e. Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, Mark Cuban, Jackie Huba, etc.) to address this question in a collection of essays. Each vignette is insightful yet none includes an author. Egos have seemingly been checked at the door as you read each piece yet don’t know who has written it.
I read them all and was inspired by most yet particularly moved by a few. This handful, the titles of which I won’t disclose, will likely impact me as we continue to re-shape and re-make our business.
It got me to thinking: are other readers being moved by this same collection of essays or an entirely different collection altogether? If there’s a trend, I’d like to see it.
I put together a one question survey that will permit readers to indicate which essays have had the most impact upon them. If you’ve read the book and have a minute, please take a minute to respond here. I plan to leave the survey open for 30 days and immediately post the results for all to see.