Investing Ideas: Starbucks Customer Feedback Goes Social

I recently received an email from Starbucks about their five-year-old website: My Starbucks Idea. If you’ve never been to the My Starbucks Idea customer feedback website, it’s a portal where Starbucks steals all of your awesome ideas!

Just kidding! (But only a little.)

Good old fashioned suggestion boxes have been around for years, but My Starbucks Idea (MSI) embodies one of the earliest and best efforts to bring the customer feedback experience into social sphere. MSI gives customers a social forum to share ideas for improving their Starbucks experience. And to make the process truly social, other Starbucks aficionados vote for or against the shared ideas.

Successful ideas have covered everything from food concepts to drive-thru designs, and even those sticks that stop your hot drink from spilling everywhere!

The most popular ideas are reviewed by Starbucks, and if the ideas are things that Starbucks can implement, they do.

Since launching in 2008, more than 180,000 ideas have been shared on the website and over 277 of the ideas have been implemented by Starbucks. My favorite concept being rolled out thanks to the ideas shared on the site is the up-and-coming HD video drive-thru.

The secret to MSI’s success is really no secret at all.

Brands need the next big (or little) idea. Customers want to be heard. And everyone wants to know, “What’s in it for me?”.

My Starbucks Idea is mutually beneficial to both Starbucks and their customers. When customers invest a little of their time and brain power in the brand, the brand implements their ideas, and customers feel as though they’ve contributed something important to Starbucks. In theory, this give-and-give model makes for more loyal Starbucks customers and is a great way to keep the company moving forward in the direction that its customers want.

Explore this infographic highlighting some of the biggest successes launched by, and consider how you can open a genuine dialogue with your customers.

My Starbucks Idea Success Infographic

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