Local Trends

A recent article in the New York Times confirms what many have long thought: Google is planning to try its hand in the ISP market. It looks like Google has made a proposal to the city of San Francisco to offer wireless access to the entire citizenry, presumably for some specialty advertising access.
Google Local has already gained some traction as a preferred vehicle for those looking for local businesses, events, and announcements. I can see this new wireless effort dovetailing nicely.
Knowing that Google has almost limitless capital, one can only assume that the Google Local will continue to gain momentum. I know that I hardly ever reach for a big clunky Yellow Pages volume when I’m looking to find a phone number or address. While I’m probably still in the minority in this regard, you have to think the trend is moving in the online direction.
Those industries that have always relied on Yellow Page advertising (i.e. plumbers, pest control companies, etc.) will have to really take note here. In the same way that we hardly ever use travel agents for booking trips, the Yellow Pages itself may be preparing for a swan song.