Leaving The Flintstones for The Jetsons

The recording industry is focusing on their own full fledged war against thieves and consumers are suffering. However they are a perfect candidate of what happens when a business model antiquates itself over time. In their campaign to “save the artists” and protect copyrights, they are suing people who may or may not be guilty of crimes, instituting protections into cds to prevent copying that affects its compatibility with some cd players, and publicly criticizing both Microsoft and Apple who want to help, all the while, not commenting about the correlation between their reduced output and decreased profits.
In my eyes, the retaliation to the RIAA’s campaign shows the power of the Internet. The Internet is giving bands a more direct way to connect with fans and hear their music as showcased by Story of the Year, Weezer, and 1-hit wonders Harvey Danger.
I can only do so much but I must encourage businesses to investigate various technologies before essentially declaring it good or evil. More specifically for us in Web design, technologies such as Flash can be great for the additional pop and wow factor it gives a page. Yet too much Flash can cause long load times for users who tend to be impatient in this evolving world of instant gratification. Just like most things we love to consume such as chocolate and alcohol, use Flash (or any technologies) in moderation.