Google is lame?

I saw the statement that ‘Google is lame’ over on A VC. The post praises Google for it search tool but criticizes pretty much everything else (Google Base, Google Analytics, etc.) the company offers. I found the link at Business Pundit, where Rob characterizes the company as a ‘one trick pony.’
I think that both posts make some interesting points, but I think there is an important concept being missed here. Let me digress for a second to explain.
I once played a round of golf at Disney with a Disney executive working in the Wide World of Sports group in Orlando. This Disney division brings athletic tournaments, cheerleading showcases, and AAU festivals to Orlando. Seems a far cry from Walt Disney’s original vision for a theme park, huh? This exec explained to me that all Disney initiatives are implemented for one thing and one thing alone–increasing park attendance. Whether it’s throwing a ‘Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party’ or releasing a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie to promote the ride, it’s easy to see this logic in all that Disney does.
From my perspective, I see Google following suit. It take a core product (search engine w/ AdWords) and makes it the best possible. They’ve succeeded at establishing the ‘one trick pony.’ Most everything else–from Gmail to Blogger to Froogle–feeds the pony through keyword volume. These ancillary products may be loss leaders on their own, but the one trick pony becomes a Clydsdale in the process!