How Your Business Can Benefit from a Work-From-Home Policy

work-from-home policy

It didn’t happen overnight–it took equal parts consideration and deliberation but our agency, Findsome & Winmore, established a work-from-home policy and has reaped the benefits of doing so ever since. On the surface, a work-from-home policy may seem to only provide the opportunity for an employee to slack on his or her responsibilities. What we have found, however, is that if you venture just past the assumptions and misconceptions associated with the practice, you may be surprised at the very real business benefits hiding just below the surface.

The Truth About Starting a Work-From-Home Policy at Your Office

Though not every business can consider a work-from-home policy for its employees, for many modern companies that mostly rely on internet connectivity, emails and conference calls to get a day’s work done, many duties can be easily tackled from home offices, coffee shops or public workspaces. But again, the salient question you, as a business owner, may have when approached with any new idea is, how it will benefit my business? As we have encountered with the introduction of our own work-from-home policy, this is a system that, if incorporated carefully, can lead to long-term benefits for not only your business but the people who make it tick every day.

A work-from-home policy can:


At Findsome & Winmore we have reaped the substantial benefits listed above, as well as many others. Our work-from-home policy has allowed employees make important doctors’ appointments, feel respected and trusted as human beings and assets to the team, and go heads-down on assignments that require the utmost focus and unbroken concentration. As a company, it has allowed us to retain talent and the productivity of said talent.

Sure, it is easy to make doom-and-gloom assumptions about trusting your employees to respect a work-from-home policy, but our experience has been largely a positive one. To be sure, we did have strict guidelines in place before starting this program. Our employees must get work-from-home time approved by a supervisor, be available via email and our internal messaging service, as well as clock a full-day’s work. With those simple guidelines in place, there is no confusion and our team is free to enjoy this common-sense policy.

Though a work-from-home policy is no guaranteed success for every business, it is also far less scary of a proposition than it may seem for many companies that operate predominantly via laptop and smartphone. When thoughtfully considered and properly implemented, you may be surprised at just how well a work-from-home policy works for everybody.