What Should I Write About on My Blog?

A common question that clients and friends ask me has to do with what to write about on their company blogs.  Once they become used to the idea that having a business blog is a good idea (just check out some of these blogging statistics if you are skeptical), the next concern has to deal with what to write about.  While there is no easy answer to this question, there are some general guidelines that can help you get started, stay focused, and generate some very positive results.

At the outset, remember the spirit and definition of content marketing: to inform and influence, not to advertise or sell.  What you write about on your blog should not be advertising-related or sales-driven.  While this does not mean that your content can’t be associated with your products or services, it just means that the core of your content should be to serve your users, not to sell them.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you  should always strive to write about things your customers truly care about.  Along that route, one of the keys to successful blogging (and digital content marketing) is to determine where the overlap is between those things that your customers do care about and what your business provides to customers.  Where those two areas overlap is where the focus of your blog posting should reside.  The diagram below illustrates the point:

That said, it’s not always so easy to figure out what your customers truly care about.  To get started, consider the diagram below. It contains a series of life concerns that individuals think about with regard to their own well-being.  The diagram illuminates a number of dimensions of customer (human) concern.  While other areas of concern can be added, these can help you think about what truly matters to those individuals that you serve.  Independent of your business and its products and services, it is helpful to form a picture of what they truly care about.

Cloud of Customer Concern | What should I write by blog post about?

To determine what your customers truly care about, it is helpful to analyze their concerns with respect to a series of dimensions–independent of what your business does or sells.

Once you do that, you can begin to think about your business and what it does. What services or products that you provide play a role in these dimensions? How? Write about those things. For example, if you operate a personal fitness facility, how can you create blog posts that help address the issue of family well-being and/or fulfillment? There are plenty of blog topics that might position the facility as a great outlet for family bonding or discuss the release of endorphins after a good workout.

Reflecting back on our definition of content marketing, remember that the goal is not to sell or advertise (i.e. Come Join Our Gym This Month for 10% Off) but to inform and influence (i.e. Ten Ways to Bond with Your Family at the Gym).  The more your content addresses the true cares and concerns of the audience, the greater your chance of creating a stronger connection with the audience.  So if you are struggling to figure out what to write about on your company’s blog, just focus on customer cares and concerns.  And while you will be tempted to advertise, just concentrate on informing.