Show AND Tell: Why Visuals are Key to Finding & Winning Audiences

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Let your content fly high!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know why content marketing is vital for your business. If not, welcome to our snazzy blog! You’ll find everything from posts on digital marketing and business strategy to even such fascinating topics like “Pink Monkey Butt.” Trust me, it’s a worthwhile post, so check it out if you’ve got a couple of minutes.

For the new visitors, here’s a quick breakdown on why content marketing is important:

Now that we’ve got that brief recap out of the way, powerful content marketing is more than just text; it takes visuals too. According to Robert E. Horn, professor at Stanford University, “Visual language has the potential for increasing human bandwidth—the capacity to take in, comprehend, and more efficiently synthesize large amounts of new information.” When brands seek to share intriguing and inspiring content (and who isn’t?) adding photo and video to the mix is essential.

Just in case you aren’t a believer yet, here are 8 handy reasons to be mindful of visual content marketing:

  1. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. {Source: WishPond}

  2. 65% of people are visual learners, so there will be an industry-wide shift toward to employing visual content in marketing initiatives. {Source: Panorama}

  3. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.

  4. Seven in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. {Source: The Guardian}

  5. Publishers who use infographics grow in traffic at an average of 12% more than those who publishers who don’t. {Source: AnsonAlex}

  6. Videos on landing pages increase average page conversion rates by 86%. {Source: WishPond}

  7. 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results. {Source: WishPond}

  8. Visuals show your products without telling people about them. This allows viewers to make their own decisions without feeling pressure from your business. {Source: WishPond}

And because everyone should do as they say, here is a sweet infographic that showcases why visual is vital. Enjoy!

Sweet infographic courtesy of Matter Communication