Searching Sites or Blogs

We’ve talked before about search engines’ expanded options (Web sites, photos, news, and now blogs) but it’s interesting to see the increasing popularity of blogs and how this will affect searches. While there are a lot of people who still ask “what exactly IS a… blog?” (their tone dripping in utter disgust that you would mention such an awful thing), there are many others who are quickly embracing the growing community of bloggers.
Before blogs, you might have been perfectly happy to do a search for something you’re interested in using Google or Yahoo!’s indexed sites. But now, with the help of blogging communities, search engines’ blog searches, and actual blog search engines such as Technorati, you can also look for other people’s (real people’s) thoughts, ideas, and even comment on a topic whether it be healthy lifestyle tips by Kathy, traveling ideas, even movie reviews.
The options online are truly endless but will one become more popular than the other or will it always be skewed to what people have been used to? And how do you get non-technical people to understand the word ‘blog’ without going into a huge discussion?