RSS Needs Help

I think that RSS (Really Simple Syndication) needs a makeover. I try to talk with people about RSS and it all seems so overwhelming to non-geeks. Understandably so. The blogging community throws a ton of jargon (feeds, rdf, atom, xml, etc.) at the business community and then seems to complain that business people ‘don’t get it.’
Aside from that, installing a newsreader (or even signing up for a Bloglines account) is no simple task for a non-tech. Once it’s installed or established, subscribing to blogs is no day at the beach. It’s simple to those of us who have gotten the hang of it. For those who haven’t, the jury is still out on the concept of blogging.
It will be interesting to see if the blogging community is really able to establish some standards for all of this. I’m waiting to see what the likes of Microsoft, Technorati, and Feedburner will do to make this whole process simpler for the masses.