Promoting RSS

I continue to be intrigued by the lack of widespread ‘push’ that RSS has received in the business community, media, and otherwise. The blogging community seems to, certainly, have a keen awareness of what RSS is, how it works, and why it’s important. But many of those in the business community–pr, advertising, and strategy folks alike–have yet to even hear about RSS, let alone stop and think about how it will impact their businesses.
I feel that this is really a failure of the technical community on a number of different fronts. For starters, the name ‘RSS’ is not a good one in my view. I think that non-technical people dismiss technical jargon in the form of unfamiliar alphabetical characters (i.e. HTML, FTP, etc.). Perhaps we should think of another way to characterize the technology?
It will be interesting to see how Microsoft chooses to characterize RSS when they release IE7. This version of the browser is supposed to have some pretty heavy RSS/blog integration.
If you’re reading this and haven’t received a good RSS education, I suggest that you do! Seth Godin does a good job of explaining it on his blog.