Looks and Smells Like a Blog…

…but it’s not a blog. David Hornki makes an important distinction between a true blog and a representative one. If you visit the Juicy Fruit blog, you will notice an ongoing diary of two people simultaneously attached to a package of Juicy Fruit gum. The ‘blog’ chronicles a multi-week battle between the two individuals and uses humor to portray brand insistence to the nth degree.
Although the site is a regularly updated Web site with daily content, it’s not a blog. Why not? First of all, the people portrayed are characters/actors, not real consumers. Second, there is no avenue for user commenting or trackbacks–no vehicle for the ‘conversation’ that is the blogosphere. Third, the content isn’t real, it’s presumably written by a group of creatives at an ad agency. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. And this campaign isn’t lacking in humor or cleverness. This just isn’t a blog. And understanding what it’s not should help marketers conceive what a blog should be.
Interested in seeing how a diary can really take genuine shape? Check out the travel journals at the Visit Pennsylvania tourism Web site. Real people, real stories, and comment facilitation.