Company Blogs: Why Yours Should Have One

“Why?” “What’s the point?” and “How?”

These are the first three questions we hear when recommending that a company start a blog. The truth is, blogs are misunderstood. Blogging is not only meant for the foodie, fashionista or world-traveler. B2B firms, companies in specialized industries, and small businesses are all seeing more success than ever from blogging.


Company blogs are important and they are going to become more important. Google continues to favor sites that have fresh and relevant content. That being said, blogging on a regular basis significantly increases your website’s search engine ranking.

Blogs are not just for large consumer brands. According to Hubspot, 57% of B2B companies have found leads through blogging. B2B companies that blog one to two times per month generate 70% more leads than those that don’t blog.

What’s the point?

The best way to think about blogging is to imagine what your ideal customers are typing into Google. For a digital marketing company like WebSolvers, that might be one of the following:

How do I increase my ranking on Google?
What’s the best time of day to post on Facebook?
What are the benefits of a mobile-friendly website?

When your potential customer types questions into Google that are relevant to your company’s services, you want your blog to show up on the first page of results. Your blog should position your company as the “Subject Matter Expert” in your field, and serve as the answers to their questions.


Of course, there is a method to the madness. In order to write an effective blog, you must optimize your blog to ensure it is search-engine-friendly. provides a clearly defined guide to creating the perfect blog. Some of the highlights include: