Building Search Engine and Blog Traffic Takes Time

Building search engine and blog traffic through content marketing and search engine optimization take time.  I have yet to meet a client that does not want steadily increasing traffic from organic SEO efforts.  It’s a natural desire because companies would rather acquire web visitors this way instead of paying for PPC ads on Google.

But even though organic search traffic does not require you to pay for an ad, it is not free.  The price of admission involves great content, frequent updates, and a whole lot of time.  Unfortunately, many companies abandon their content marketing efforts because they lack the patience required.  Let the following SEO diagram, adapted from, encourage you to adopt the long view and stay patient.  Blogger Huyen Truong describes his experience with creating content to have increased traffic from 400 to 8,600 per month in 12 months.  So stay patient.

Search Engine Marketing and Blogging Diagram