Blogging for Clarity

This post makes a great point regarding the notion that blogging helps one to clarify his/her thoughts. The exercise of writing itself forces a person to refine a stream of consciousness.
I might also extend this to the clarity that a group or team can get from writing and reacting to the posts of others. We’ve started to see this effect already within our organization. Knowing that my teammates are reading and commenting on my thinking (and vice versa) helps us to contextualize our day-to-day business activities and move forward in concert knowing what the other is thinking.
The pace of the workday doesn’t seem to allow for the strategic interaction that success requires. The fact that blog interaction is asynchronous helps us all to find the time. Bill Gates has long talked about asynchronous communication, foretelling at length in his 1995 book The Road Ahead that the citizens of the future (now) would depend on it heavily. Whether you like him or not, he was right. What would today’s world be without voice mail, email, and Tivo?