What do you see when you look into a mirror?

Your reflection, of course. That image looking back at you is what other people see more often than you do. (At least I hope you aren’t looking in the mirror that much.) The impression you make is displayed through your appearance, smile, attitude, gait, language, etc. and when you look in the mirror, typically you want to see the best version of yourself.

Same goes for your brand. What do you want your brand to “see” when it looks in the mirror? More importantly, what do you want your customers and potential customers to see? How do you want that reflection to appear and does your staff, product/service offering, price, quality and everything around your brand stand up to your mirror test?

That mirror’s reflection is your brand.

The best way to create this desired reflection is create your own Brand Mirror. WebSolvers invites you take a walk through a revealing process that helps you articulate a true and detailed description of your brand. It’s something that your team can use as a filter and guide to define what you do and how you do it.

The Brand Mirror is a dynamic document that is primarily for internal use that acts as a foundation for your brand. It includes such things as the elevator speech, firm personality, distinctive visual themes, culture, values and more. The common and sanctioned language throughout the Brand Mirror provides confidence at every level to properly articulate who you are and who you are not. This unified front provided by the Brand Mirror is a game-changer for capturing the true spirit of your brand.

This process is enlightening and inspiring, even sometimes uncomfortable, and it’s best done by a third party like WebSolvers to help see it from an external point of view. We all know that looking in the mirror isn’t always fun to do. However, clients that work with WebSolvers to create their own Brand Mirror consistently walk away feeling like they have the clarity, direction and words that they have been searching for to describe their brand.

They no longer need to wonder what should be staring back at them in the mirror because they can see it for themselves. And most importantly, it’s what the rest of the world sees.