Bohn Appetit: Searching for Orlando’s Best Business Lunches and Happy Hour Hideaways

Orlando's Best Business Lunches

Whether you’re just escaping the office for an hour or making a vital first impression on a client, there can be a lot more riding on a business lunch than just quelling a bad case of hunger-induced grumpiness. What if the service is too slow? Will we be able to find a table? Is the food good? With this city on a steady (and welcome) upward foodie culture trajectory, your options when searching for Orlando’s best business lunches and happy hours are only getting larger. But don’t worry, we know a guy.

Introducing Bohn Chhim, Findsome & Winmore designer by day, foodie philanthropist by night. In the new blog series, Bohn Appetit, our titular hero is prepared to venture across this sprawling and eclectic city, as well as its various suburbs, to find the perfect eats and drinks to satiate Orlando’s professionals. From tried and true staples that you may have missed to hidden gems that you need to experience for yourself, Bohn is ready to eat and drink his way across The City Beautiful. It’s a tough gig and we sincerely hope he’ll be alright (though we get the feeling he’ll be just fine).

So, for our very first entry, Bohn has selected one of our office’s picks for Orlando’s best business lunches, Seito Sushi. Within walking distance from Findsome & Winmore in the rather isolated community of Baldwin Park, if you’re looking for sushi, ramen or Japanese grilled favorites, this spot is absolutely worth your time.

Seito Sushi, Baldwin Park | Bohn’s Breakdown

Dishes to Try


Orlando's Best Business Lunches

Orlando's Best Business Lunches

Orlando's Best Business Lunches


Orlando's Best Business Lunches

Lunch Deals:

Orlando's Best Business Lunches



  1. You can get in and out for lunch within an hour if you’re not with a big party. Ask for your check after you receive your food if it might be a concern.
  2. Seating is usually available, both inside and outside, which is perfect for Orlando’s cooler fall and winter days.
  3. Happy Hour is a pretty good deal. $3 Sapporo drafts, $4 single wells, and $6 dishes. You can also get 3 pieces of Nigiri for $6. (Note the food happy hour is Monday – Thursdays, so check first!)
  4. On a personal note, I find the music here to be perfect. They usually play chilled-out hip hop along the lines of Apollo Brown and Nujabes, which makes for a nice, subtle ambience.
  5. $9 lunch deals include a soup and salad.
  6. Tea comes out with a kettle and a constantly rotating selection of teas which has never failed to impress. I love their choices!
  7. Service here is great. I’ve had one issue when I came with a party once and they remade the dish, on the house.  

The Verdict

Orlando's Best Business Lunches

So, I think it’s safe to say, if you’re looking for sushi or an Asian-style lunch in Baldwin Park, Seito is just about the best bet you’ll get. From killer nigiri to bao buns that have left our office singing their praises from the rooftops, they definitely have some choice items that will leave you saying, “arigato.” The ambiance is quiet enough to bring clients, but also hip enough to enjoy with friends and colleagues alike. They also offer a full bar, perfect for planning an after-work meetup during happy hour, which is from 5pm-6:30pm every day.

Bohn, and basically the entire office, can easily add Seito Sushi to our list of Orlando’s best business lunches.

But what say you? Have you tried Seito Sushi? Are you about that bao bun life as much as we are? Share your opinion on Seito Sushi or your pick for Orlando’s best business lunches or happy hour spots by hashtagging #BohnAppetit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Until then, Bohn Appetit, Orlando!